Iconic whiskey glasses: Mad Men tumblers have the silver screen embedded in their silver rims.


By popular request I hereby share the ‘F&F low down’ on those desirable silver-rimmed Mad Men tumblers you frequently see Don Draper et al drinking from in the liquor-fuelled retro TV epic: They are authentic Dorothy Thorpe designs from the 1960s and these whiskey glasses are befitting of their name Roly Poly – if you place them on their side, they roll back to an upright position. Essential barware for the discerning whiskey enthusiast me thinks. But it’s not just Mad Men that connects these sophisticated glasses to the big screen…

What’s the story?

Of Californian origin, Dorothy Thorpe was a world-renowned artist and designer who worked in different media, including glassware. She had no formal training and started her design experiments at home by customising beer bottles. She gave an early glass design to her brother who took it to MGM Studios where he worked. Clark Gable saw the glass and liked it so much that he ordered six dozen and thereby launching Thorpe’s career. In a few short years she became famous for her original creations in crystal ware. She marketed her first pieces through a small Hollywood gift shop and then began to attract orders from larger big name retailers as well as Hollywood Studios, stars and wealthy folk such as Princess Grace of Monaco and the Shah of Iran. Besides tableware, Dorothy Thorpe created glass decorations, lamps, windows, china, silver and linens and worked with plastics and resins.

The Dorothy Thorpe designed, double shot glass, Roly Poly tumblers measure 3 inches tall, 2.75 inches in diameter and each glass holds 8 fl oz (Note the size of glass actually used in Mad Men, as they come in various sizes).

Don Draper and Roger H. Sterling prepare for a swig from their Mid century glasses

Don Draper and Roger H. Sterling prepare for a swig from these Mid Century glasses

So where can I get some Mad Men glasses of my own?

Some original Dorothy Thorpe designs feature a delicate silver fade that descends down the lip of the glass, and some feature the more defined silver band.

Wine Enthusiast Madison Avenue (Mad Men influenced) whiskey glasses

Wine Enthusiast Madison Avenue (Mad Men influenced) whiskey glasses available via Amazon

You can buy contemporary versions influenced by the originals from the Wine Enthusiast via Amazon – around $23 for a set of 2, $51 for a set of 4, and $75 for set of 6.

If you want some original vintage Dorothy Thorpe’s, then Etsy is a good port of call. Try Rust Belt Threads who are currently selling this (above) set of 6 vintage Dorothy Thorpe style glasses via Etsy at $155 (and ship worldwide).

MAD MEN tumbler glasses my vintage antique shop

Set of 6 vintage Roly Poly silver rimmed glasses from the 1950s – 1960s. £28.90 from Etsy

My Antique Vintage Shop have this set of 6 vintage Roly Poly silver rimmed drinking glasses from the 1950s – 1960s.
Measure about 2 1/4″ in diameter across the top and about 2 1/2” tall. Holds approx. 4 oz.

Set of 18 Roly Poly silver chrome rim round Dorothy Thorpe style glasses. Available on Etsy

Set of 18 Roly Poly silver chrome rim round Dorothy Thorpe style glasses. Available on Etsy

The Decades Dance are selling this set of 18 Roly Poly silver chrome rim round Dorothy Thorpe style glasses
Excellent condition large set of mid century Roly Poly glasses.
18 Total. Great set for a cocktail party
6 Large – 12 oz. – 4-1/4″ Tall x 3″ Rim
6 Medium – 8 oz. – 3-1/4″ Tall x 3″ Rim
6 Small – 6 oz. – 2-3/4″ Tall x 2-7/8″ Rim


Zavvi sell Mad Men series 1-5 on DVD in a limited pack which includes a replica glass – currently £41.99.
Buy now >

Go on, make Don Draper proud.

Mad Men whiskey glass tumblers dorothy thorpe

Cheers Don!

Watch it!

Buy series 1-6 on DVD (in the UK) from the sidebar next to this story (if viewing on desktop) or below (mobile/tablet)

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