Elliot’s rainbow window blind in Spielberg’s ET, The Extra Terrestrial

Elliot's rainbow window blind from ET. (Film still c/o Empire Online)
Elliot's rainbow window blind from ET. (Film still c/o Empire Online)

Following a reader’s request to find the rainbow blind in Elliot’s bedroom in ET (1982), it’s been a bit of a goose chase to identify because so much of the 10 year old’s bedroom is seen in semi-darkness – due to him and his brother (Michael) and sister (Gertie) hiding said Extra Terrestrial. The good news is, we have found someone who can make something very similar!

The blind is seen at Elliot's window in this scene where he feigns illness to bunk off school by heating up a thermometer

We get another glimpse of the blind in this scene where Elliot feigns illness by heating up a thermometer (Image still c/o Empire Online).

elliots bedroom

Elliot’s bedroom in ET


The blind is a typical 1980’s venetian-style blind. Direct Blinds have confirmed to us they should be able to make a rainbow venetian blind exactly like Elliot’s, though they pre-warn us that it would be custom-made so might be expensive (depending on size) but would surely make for a colourful, individual piece in homage to this Spielberg classic – which held the box office record for 10 years until Jurassic Park (another Spielberg-directed film) surpassed it in 1993.

Shutterly Fabulous have also confirmed they can custom-make a shutter-style rainbow blind like this beauty below. They made this a few years back for a PR shoot but it was never put into mass production. The price is approx. £750 per m2.

Shutterly Fabulous - Kids Rainbow shutter

Multi-coloured rainbow shutter blind by Shutterly Fabulous

An alternative off-the-shelf would be this roller blind from Bespo

Multi-coloured roller blind from Bespo

Multi-coloured roller blind from Bespo

We feel compelled to point ET fans in the direction of this in-depth website we came across: Branded in the 80s identifies all the 1980s toys in the bedroom. Something to phone home about (sorry)!

Just one still from website Branded in the 80s which analyses all the 80s toys in Elliots bedroom

Just one still of many from ‘Branded in the 80s‘ which analyses all the 80s toys in Elliot’s bedroom


Watch ET now, for old time’s sake, on iTunes (or buy the DVD) by following the link in the sidebar (on laptop) or below (on mobile/tablet).

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Posted in: Feature on May 13, 2015
Film Title: ET
Film Year: 1982
Director: Steven Spielberg
Genre: Family Sci-Fi
Set Designer: Jackie Carr
Object Type: Blind
Object Sub-type: Rainbow blind
Object Colour: multi-coloured
Object Shop: Blinds Direct Shutterly Fabulous Bespo
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