Fifty Shades Darker furniture and decor (Part 2): Christian Grey’s Bedroom, Study, Library & Ana’s closet in exclusive detail


Christian Grey’s stunning penthouse apartment Escala plays a key role in the Fifty Shades trilogy and has received a luxurious make over for the second movie in the series, Fifty Shades Darker. Starring Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele the film arrived in cinema’s on Friday 10th February (to quickly become the No. 1 movie in 27 countries) and allows the camera into some previously unseen rooms of the billionaire’s sumptuous bachelor pad.

It wasn’t Christian who rolled up his sleeves to repaint the walls or who went shopping for new high-end furniture and décor for his apartment of course – he hired the talented film Set Decorator Cal Loucks and gifted Production Designer Nelson Coates to weave their magic. Film and Furniture is delighted to bring you our exclusively detailed interview with Cal Loucks, who shares her vision for the look of the film and helps us identify – room by room, piece by piece – the furniture, art and décor of this deluxe abode.

Part 1 covers the inside story of set decorator Cal Louck’s research together with behind-the-scenes details on the furniture and décor of the main living and dining area of Christian Grey’s Fifty Shades Darker penthouse. Read it here >
Part 2 (below) reveals details of Christian’s bedroom, Ana’s dressing room, the new office/study, the decadent Library complete with pool table and the Red Room.


Christian Grey’s apartment: The study. Film and Furniture still taken from the official trailer.

Fifty Shades Darker furniture, decor and art:
The Study

Christian’s luxurious private study is accessed from the back of the statement wine cellar behind the staircase.

Film and Furniture: We love Christian’s home office! This is a new room we see for Fifty Shades Darker. Can you share details of the Study?

Cal Loucks: I’m glad you love the the study office! Me too. I wanted this to be a private place where Christian spent time. You will notice that throughout the house – such as in the kitchen and his dressing room – we had monitors with a live feed of the stock exchange running. We wanted to show that he is a serious businessman but his study and library are his ‘down time’ areas. I imagine that he has never actually brought another woman into this area of the house before…


Ana in Christian’s study (we also see the library here in the background). Film and Furniture still taken from the official trailer.


Christian Grey’s study in his penthouse apartment in Fifty Shades Darker. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at with added numbering for furniture identification

1. The desk in Christian’s study is by Italian furniture company Cattelan, called Nasdaq. Cattelan say “The simple yet eloquent lines of the Nasdaq table draw out an inverted rhombus shape from the slanting legs and drawers below the desk surface. Made of solid oak or Canaletto Walnut, the Nasdaq table fits the atmosphere of a modern home office. The two drawers are as designed jointly with beauty and utility in mind, allowing this desk to be enjoyed everyday, while in use and from afar”.
The desk is available from around $5869 from Y Lighting


The Cattelan desk in Christian’s study, available from YLighting

2. On the desk sits the “Seedling” sculpture by Mitzy Cunliffe owned by a private collector.

3. The chairs in front of the desk are B&B Italia Theo Chairs in a beautiful brick leather. More info here >



B&B Italia Theo chairs as seen in Christian’s study

4. The sideboard behind the desk is a Credenza Minotti Aylon Sideboard.


Minotti Credenza Aylon Sideboard

5. Over the sideboard we see the artwork “Passage”, by Stephanie Leonard, Laguna College of Art

6. The black lamp is a Diesel Heavy Metal table light, by Foscarini. Available in USA from 2Modern >

With its unfinished, roughly artisanal appearance and visible welds, Heavy Metal is a lamp with unique personality. The metal used to make it undergoes a special treatment which alters its surface in a different way every time and warms up its burnished color with shades of blue, green and ochre.


Diesel Heavy Metal table light, by Foscarini. Available in USA from 2Modern.

7. On the floor is the evocative bronze sculpture “Whisper” by Dale Dunning also from Oeno Gallery, Ontario. Available in an edition of 7.

"Whisper" by Dale Dunning also from Oeno Gallery, Ontario.

“Whisper” by Dale Dunning from Oeno Gallery, Ontario.

8. By the sideboard is “The Boxer series” artwork by Ric Santon from Parts Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.

9. The fascinating carpet that the desk sits on is Tamarian Pattern: Jammu PW Red Stone.

fifty-shades-darker-furniture-christian-greys-apartment-study-2 2-numbered

The study of Christian Grey’s penthouse apartment in Fifty Shades Darker. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at, with added F&F annotation.

10. On the wall adjacent to the library is the sculpture by Will Robinson “Untitled” Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.


Christian Grey’s study in Fifty Shades Darker. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at, with added F&F annotation.

11. Entering into the Library we find a glass sculpture on a pedestal by Judith Siedel called “Rokina” from Winston Wachter Fine Art, Seattle.

12. On the wall are two works by Patti Bowman: “Corner Store and “Blue Construct” from Linda Hodges Gallery.

13. By the exit of the study to the wine cellar hallway is Angela Grossman’s “Nude Bathing” by Barrie Mowatt, Vancouver hanging on the wall.


Christian Grey’s study. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at, with added F&F annotation.

14. On the wall is a work by Val Nelson, “FGBG” from Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.

15. In front of this is the marble sculpture Khang Pham New from the Barrie Mowatt Bienalle Sculpture Collection, Vancouver 

16. In front of the TV sit a pair of B&B Italia Diesis lounge chairs.
We have sourced a handsome vintage B&B Italia Diesis chair which is currently available from Pamono.


Vintage B&B Italia Diesis chair available from Pamono

17. The brick colored carpet is by Fabrica Carpet (in pattern Surge Color SU 10).

The sound system throughout is the Bang & Olufsen BeoLink, multilink multiroom system. With BeoLink Multiroom you can play different music in different rooms, or let one tune flow throughout your home. More information on this state of the art sound system on the Bang & Olufsen website.
You can also buy Bang & Olufsen from John Lewis.

18. The gently curvy chair by the TV is Zanotta’s Derby lounge chair with grey ottoman.
Here’s a white leather and brown version available from Nest.


Fifty Shades Darker furniture, decor and art:
The Library

The Study leads to another new room in this film from the Fifty Shades series – the Library. In pride of place is the Pool table.


Christian and Ana play pool in the library


Christian Grey’s library in Fifty Shades Darker. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at


Christian Grey’s Library. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at, with added F&F annotation.

19.  The impressive pool table is a Brunswick Centennial Pool table with tailor-made, hazelnut coloured felt top – an unusual choice for a pool table but which reflects the surrounding décor impeccably.
Available from The Games Room Company.

As luck would have it there is Brunswick Centennial pool table for sale on EBay right now:-

Brunswick Pool Table for sale on EBay

Brunswick Pool Table for sale on EBay

Here’s Brunswick’s delightful original advertising for their classic pool table:


20. The three lights above the pool table are Quartz Pendant Light in Gold leaf, by Carlo Zurbaran for & Costa.
Available from YLighting


Quartz pendant lights as seen above Christian’s pool table. Available from YLighting

If you’re on the look out for a gold pendant light then you should also consider this contemporary classic by Tom Dixon, available from The Conran Shop.

This Tom Dixon light is fast becoming a contemporary classic.

This Tom Dixon light is fast becoming a contemporary classic. Available from The Conran Shop


Christian Grey’s Library with unusual chess set. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at, with added F&F annotation.

To one side of the pool table are two armchairs and an intriguing chess set. No ordinary chess set would do for Christian of course!

21. The Dichotomy Chess Set features 22k burnished gold plated and gunmetal plated bronze pieces designed by Kelly Wearslter. The King and Queen pieces are adorned with diamonds, and the solid board is hand-sculpted from marble. This $17,000 chess set is something to behold (and sits on a Boca de Loba Eden coffee table re purposed from the first movie).
The chess set is available from Kelly Wearslter.


22. The art carpet beneath is by Jan Kath called Helter Skelter from the Unknown Artists Collection.


Christian Grey’s Library bookshelf. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at, with added F&F annotation.

23. Lighting the bookcases are 48 Restoration Hardware Modern bronze picture lights – 24″ wide to be precise.
Available from RH Modern.


Restoration Hardware Modern bronze picture lights. Available from RH Modern.


The built-in benches (above) completed by cushions with leather belt straps are designed by Cal herself! As are the gold leafed wall sconces above them. Good work Cal!

Many of the books in the bookcases and scattered around the apartment are from Taschen and Phaidon. Above the book cases there are many pieces of art – a beautiful way to display a fine collection. The one that you can see in the center of the room from the Study is the Casey McGlynn “Self Portrait” – a somewhat complex painting, like Christian. Cal Loucks tells us “The art work in this room I think is particularly personal for Christian – there is a lot of sexual content on the walls and on the shelves including small sculptures of Bondage…images of conflict – battles with himself and his childhood background”.

Fifty Shades Darker furniture, decor and art:
The master bedroom

fifty-shades-darker-furniture-christian-greys-apartment-bedroom-wide copy-numbered1

Christian’s new look bedroom. Film and Furniture still from the 3D interactive tour at with F&F annotation.

Cal kept three pieces from the original Fifty Shades of Grey film set – the bed frame, the piece of art over the bed (24. Gary Aylward “Inside the Reef” from Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver) and thankfully, one of Film and Furniture’s favourite pieces of furniture – 25. the Eames La Chaise!


The Eames Le Chaise. Available from The Conran Shop and Amara

Inspired by Gaston Lachais’ sculpture ‘Floating Figure’, La Chaise was designed by Charles & Ray Eames for a competition held by New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1948. An icon of organic design, its fluid shape makes a number of sitting and lounging positions possible. Available from The Conran Shop and Amara.


Christian and Ana in the bedroom in front of the Eames Chaise

26. The carpet is from Jan Kath’s Le Maroc Blanc collection and is very on trend. “Very tribal, very sexy – you could definitely roll around on this carpet” says Cal and we very much agree.
Buy from Jan Kath


27. Cal upholstered the walls behind the bed in a rich green/gold dupioni silk.
The drapes were also created in a rich green silk.

So, what kind of bed linen does Christian Grey choose for his bed? We notice the teal bedding from the previous film has been replaced by a moss green.

28. This bedding was designed by Cal herself . A lush, dark moss-green velvet lined in dark green silk with flat silk ribbon trim. The bedding and sheet materials were ordered from Italy and manufactured in Vancouver by a fabulous designer linen company called Pisalino’s.

29. The side tables are Minotti Morrison side tables.


Minotti Morrison side table

30. The table lights are by Flos – called Spun.


The Spun table light by Flos, Available from The Conran Shop

The stylish trumpet-shaped base of the Spun T2 Light combined with its sleek, glossy finish gives this lamp a space-age look that would be perfect for a contemporary interior. The lamp was designed in 2003 by Sebastian Wrong and provides a soft diffused light.
Available in USA from Design Within Reach.
and in UK from The Conran Shop


As Christian rips his shirt open, we couldn’t help but notice an unusual painting on the wall behind him: A Munch painting -The Madonna. It looks haunting!

Madonna, 1984 by Munch

Madonna, 1984 by Munch

We’re sure there are some hidden messages here so we undertook some F&F style research:

“…the painting is a ‘strange devotional picture glorifying decadent love. The cult of the strong woman who reduces man to subjection gives the figure of woman monumental proportions, but it also makes a demon of her’. Sigrun Rafter, an art historian at the Oslo National Gallery suggests that Munch intended to represent the woman in the life-making act of intercourse, with the sanctity and sensuality of the union captured by Munch. The usual golden halo of Mary has been replaced with a red halo symbolizing the love and pain duality. The viewer’s viewpoint is that of the man who is making love with her. Even in this unusual pose, she embodies some of the key elements of canonical representations of the Virgin: she has a quietness and a calm confidence about her. Her eyes are closed, expressing modesty, but she is simultaneously lit from above; her body is seen, in fact, twisting away from the light so as to catch less of it, even while she faces it with her eyes. These elements suggest aspects of conventional representations of the Annunciation. Robert Melville states that the image portrays “ecstasy and pain in the act of love“. (source Wikipedia)

We are fascinated at the level of detail if this is why it was chosen, so we checked in with Cal Loucks.

CL: The Munch and your thoughts and quotes are spot on. That is exactly the thinking behind the artwork which was particularly chosen by the Director, James Foley himself.

Fifty Shades Darker furniture, decor and art:
Ana’s Closet

Ana’s closet is a girl’s dream! We spot the very feminine Desire sofa and chair by Koket which also appeared in the first movie.


We also see hanging here the floor length, silver satin gown that Ana wears to the masked ball.

Cal also changed the Red Room too: Adding modern chandeliers, leather and stud sconces, leather studded whip racks – re worked the furniture and added some very sexy mysterious items… We really feel you should see the film to check it out. Or unlock the ‘keys’ from the interactive tour of the lavish penthouse at  to see more.

And there’s more from us too! Be sure to head back to Film and Furniture for Part 3 in this extensive interview to read about the details of the Gala – the Masquerade Charity ball that takes place at the Grey family’s mansion  

Fifty Shades Darker, which also stars Kim Basinger, Bella Heathcote, Eric Johnson and Marcia Gay Harden, is out now.  Watch the trailer:

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  1. Yvonne

    Hi, were you able to find out who manufactured Christian’s bed?

    Thank you!

  2. Paula Benson
    Paula Benson

    Hi Yvonne. The only info we can find out is that it was a “king sized customized Ash wood platform bed with brass banding and brackets (useful for attaching handcuffs and other such toys)”. The set decorator for the movie had the brass pieces aged to a mellow soft bronze/gold finish. The exact maker of the bed I am afraid we don’t know, but we do know the set decorator had a lot of pieces custom made for the movie.

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