Own art from Christian Grey’s apartment in Fifty Shades Darker: The Dining Room


Christian Grey has exceptional taste in contemporary art and decor which we see displayed in his newly refurbished luxury penthouse apartment in Fifty Shades Darker. Many of these pieces were carefully chosen by Set Decorator Cal Loucks, Production Designer Nelson Coates and also by Director James Foley. Not only do these artworks hold hidden messages about Christian Grey’s personality but some also explore profound interpretations about woman and sexuality.

Own the photographic art from Christian Grey’s dining room in Fifty Shades Darker


We discuss several of these pieces in our feature ‘Fifty Shades Darker furniture and decor’ and one particularly arresting photograph that stood out to us at Film and Furniture hangs on the dining room wall. It’s called ‘ANJA #22’ by photographic artist Lilli Waters.

Lilli Waters "Anja #22" art from Christian Grey's apartment in Fifty Shades Darker

Lilli Waters “Anja #22”

Lilli Waters is a photographic artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She seeks to present not only an evocative image, but “a strange and sometimes dark narrative, an intermingling of haunting backgrounds and landscapes combined with romantic notions”.  Her series “ANJA” features young women, often partially nude, in a mix of natural and domestic settings.

Lilli tells us the ANJA series confronts the fears and stigmas associated with the perceptions of womenʼs bodies in todayʼs world of unrealistic and idealised standards of how women ʻshould lookʼ.

“I am not interested in sexualising the form of my subjects, but am on a quest to find self-compassion and emotional awareness, in both myself and in my audience. Photographing these women helps me in my search for these things, and perhaps helps my subjects to find a moment of self acceptance and recognition, which is deserved and should be encouraged much more within our culture.

There’s a lot to expose in terms of the way we have internalised sexism and sexualised aggression. I feel as a photographer I am a witness to women’s conditioning, and I’m trying to offer a different perspective. In my work I want to awaken a preferable alternative. My message is therefore transformative, supporting a questioning of the norm.

ANJA is about an ongoing exploration of women’s potential, the expansion of their perceptions of self. This series is a search for self-awareness and compassion by reconnecting to our place in the natural world through vulnerability and discovery.”

We are delighted to announce that you can own a limited edition print of this photographic artwork ‘Anja 22’ as featured in Fifty Shades Darker  – available from Film and Furniture.

Limited edition, Pigment print on Archival Pearl Rag.
All prints are hand signed and numbered.

Available in 4 sizes:

Small =  73 x 51cm (image size 66 x 44cm). Limited edition of 5 + 2 Artist Proofs (border size 3.5cm).
$890 AUD (approx £550 GBP/$675 USD)

Medium = 86.5 x 61cm (image size 76.5 x 51cm). Limited edition of 5 + 2 Artist Proofs (border size 5cm).
$1490 AUD (approx £920 GBP/$1130 USD)

Large = 112 x 78cm (image size 102 x 68cm),. Limited edition of 5 + 2 Artist Proofs (border size 5cm).
$1950 AUD (approx £1204 GBP/$1478 USD)

XLarge = 162 x 112cm (image size 150 x 100cm). Limited edition of 3 + 2 Artist Proofs (border size 6cm)
$3000 AUD (approx £1852/$2274 USD)

Framing is not included in the price above but can be organised.

All (unframed) works are mailed internationally via registered post & wrapped in glassine paper/ rolled in paper tube, including a ‘Thank You’ card.
Framed works can be either couriered internationally or collected from Brunswick, Melbourne.
Allow 4 weeks for delivery within Australia, 6 weeks for International orders.

PLEASE ORDER FROM FILM AND FURNITURE: Email: Hello@FilmandFurniture.co.uk

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Paula Benson

Film and Furniture founder / Co-Creative Director at Form. Passionate about interiors, design, art, film, music and mind over matter.

Posted in: Feature on March 2, 2017
Film Title: Fifty Shades Darker
Film Year: 2017
Director: James Foley
Set Designer: Cal Loucks Nelson Coates
Object Type: art
Object Sub-type: Anja 22
Object Shop: Film and Furniture
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