The record player in the Ian Curtis biographic film Control


A new member of the Film and Furniture team has arrived! It’s a Hacker Grenadier GP45 record player which makes an appearance in Control, the 2007 biographical film about the life of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, played by Sam Riley and directed by Anton Corbijn

In the scene where Ian Curtis is in lying on his bed, smoking and listening to David Bowie’s Drive in Saturday from the Aladdin Sane album, the record is playing on a Hacker Grenadier. A 1973 copy of The New Musical Express (NME) which features Neil Young on the cover and the Aladdin Sane record sleeve are seen lying next to it.


Ian Curtis (Sam Riley) plays Drive In Saturday from Aladin Sane on a Hacker Grenadier GP45
Photo: Pureiro

Control bedroom

Hacker Grenadier GP45 amplifier loudspeaker to give a stereo sound in Control. Image: Pureiro.

We found this beauty on eBay.

Hacker Grenadier record player

A bit of tinkering by the brilliant hi-fi specialists Audio Gold and the sound is now magnificent! Yesterday, we reenacted the scene from Control at F&F HQ:



Watch the trailer:

Read more about record players and hi-fi in film in our feature Music aficionados choose memorable audio and Hi-Fi in film to celebrate Record Store Day.

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Posted in: Feature on June 1, 2017
Film Title: Control
Film Year: 2007
Director: Anton Corbijn
Object Type: record player hifi
Object Sub-type: hacker grenadier
Object Shop: ebay audio gold
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    Great article – some interesting reads here

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