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Alison Plus sofa

Alison Plus sofa

As seen in:

Approx £1,403.00 / $

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Djinn chair by Olivier Mourgue

Djinn chair by Olivier Mourgue

Designer: Olivier Mourgue

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Approx £1,475.00 / $

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Florence Knoll 2-Seat Sofa

Florence Knoll 2-Seat Sofa

Designer: Florence Knoll

As seen in:

Approx £9,860.00 / $

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Laird’s bold and beautiful sofa in Why Him?

In Why Him? the well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire Laird (James Franco) might annoy the hell out of his girlfriend's family, but it's his house that made...

The neo-chesterfield sofa in Luke Cage

This sofa is a contemporary take on a chesterfield called Providence and features prominently in Cottonmouth's office in Netflix-Marvel Luke Cage. Made by Zuo-Modern, the sofa which looks green in Cottonmouth’s office, is actually...

The Byers’ Brown Sofa in Stranger Things

In this Guest Feature, author, design journalist and colour expert Kassia St Clair discusses her fondness for the Byers brown sofa in Stranger Things. Stranger Things is a big hit for Netflix. A...

For Sale: 1970s Howard Keith Diplomat Sofa

THIS SOFA IS NOW SOLD.This totally rock n' roll 1970s sofa, which wouldn’t be out of place in American Hustle or The Nice Guys, is for sale from an F&F reader. She needs to...

Fifty Shades of Grey sofa and light – available to buy!

Our previous two articles on the set design and designer furniture featured in Fifty Shades of Grey (see here and here) have had an enormous amount of interest, so...

The Hunger Games featuring DS 600, the longest sofa in the world!

I popped into the Mayfair Design Studio, London recently - the three floor luxury furniture, decoration and accessory showroom, and bumped into a rather stunning DS 600 'Non Stop'...

Design classics in the movies: 7 outstanding film sets to inspire your home

Spotting a furniture design classic in a film is our obsession and we know the same is true for many of our readers who...

From Batman to Big Little Lies: Interior inspiration from film sets and how to get the look from the high street

We took a well overdue look around the dwell furniture store in London’s Tottenham Court Road this week and...

Seeing red or tickled pink? The colour of the Djinn chairs in 2001: A Space Odyssey

The Djinn chairs in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) are one of the most iconic chair designs to ever grace the big screen. To...


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